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Sat May 7,2016 07:48 PM

We can talk about it now, correct? Who took it?
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Sat May 7,2016 08:32 PM

I did
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Sat May 7,2016 09:13 PM

What came up? Was it difficult? Ib1 here
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Sun May 8,2016 12:12 AM

Seemed to be a lot of confusion regarding section A, and im not even in biology. Apparently many people didnt do it
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Sun May 8,2016 12:56 AM

Yeah what sabiz said. Section A of paper 3 was weeeeeird
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Sun May 8,2016 01:02 AM

Section A was kind of weird, but section B (I chose option D) was easy. Everyone in my Bio HL class said they knew almost everything.
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Sun May 8,2016 02:30 AM

Section B was easy in paper 3 !!
Paper 1 was difficult.. Paper 2 was also difficult.. That question about Animals classification was confussing...
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Sun May 8,2016 12:54 PM

What were the main topics? (Y1 student here)
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Sun May 8,2016 05:59 PM

What question did everyone choose for paper 2 section b?
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Tue May 17,2016 05:00 PM

I did

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