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Sat May 7,2016 07:44 PM

Opinions on communism?

I find it severely annoying how there is still a lingering fear/hatred of communism here in America
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Sun May 8,2016 01:09 AM

I'm not from the US, and I agree with you

But realy, comunism is an impossible utopia. It would be great to live in a true comunism, but it is implosible. In a flat society, it is amazingly easy to turn into a dictator, and without an incentive to work you can't live in an equal society

But derivates of comunism are good, because they mix the best from both worlds. Democratic socialism tries to make social justice and equal basic rights to all while still in a market economy where there is incentive to work and inovate. All that while preventing super abusive corporations
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Mon May 9,2016 10:35 PM

I have the same oppinion. It is quite difficult to insert communism without it becaming a dictatorship. That's why i agree with the one above my text when he says that he thinks the derivates are positive. Communism on itself all alone is too hard to insert. Most of the ideas of communism on its roots would be great but everything changes when they are put into practice.
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Thu May 12,2016 07:55 PM

I love political drama so here you go: communism sounds amazing as a utopia NOT as a reality so yeah I agree
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Fri Jun 10,2016 09:52 AM

I guess it depends on what you are judging communism on. Stability? Growth? Justice? Human rights? All will have different answers.

In my opinion, a communist system is detrimental to human rights due to an unequal balance of power and vested interests from widespread corruption (as stated above).

Let's take the case of China: the government has authority over the citizens and the power within the government rests with a select few. Those in power are not held accountable by the citizens due to a lack of proper election processes, and thus many human rights offenses are committed and there is an overall lack of transparency in government (e.g. Protesters and journalists imprisoned without trial, and I'm sure you can think of heaps more).

However, without communism it's hard to think of where China would be today. It's one of the worlds upcoming superpowers, and has a ridiculously high economic growth rate. It's managed to develop rapidly due to an interesting mix of authoritarian capitalism (Beijing Consensus), which has developed through China's communist roots. With authoritarianism, the government is able to make decisions on development quickly and efficiently (see the One Child Policy, rapid industrialization, etc.) and create a stable way in which to introduce the free market i.e. Capitalism. In other states, such as Bolivia, such a rapid introduction of the free market (as seen through the intervention of the IMF) has had disastrous results, primarily due to a lack of political stability.

So.. Communism is not so great for human rights, but can be great for development. Of course, I've only really used China as an example.

The social justice warrior within me weeps, but the economist inside me is pretty damn interested.
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Tue Jun 21,2016 01:21 AM

You see, a couple weeks ago I brought this same intrigue to my philosophy teacher.
He told me the communism we know, isn't exactly communism in its real splendor. Communism should NOT have any governors, any authorities, for the people rule for the people. While this may be right, I myself consider communism a better option for reduced territories, small towns, everybody knows everybody.
But with greater lands? It must be hard. Which is why our "communism" has a ruler, which often turns into a dictator; and that ain't cool.
I agree with certain parts of each doctrine, both communism and capitalism have their perks and consequences, but none of them can ever be a real utopia.
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Tue Feb 28,2017 02:46 PM

Guys, I'm absolutely sure that humanity is not ready for for having "social justice", or you can call it communism. Moreover, look at "A brave new world" by Huxley, even though it's an anti-utopia, our world looks pretty similar. Brains and intellectual abilities of different people are different. And people with high intellectual level can't work with "Epsilons". Even Plato said that only "intelligence" can rule countries. Of course it means that people should find jobs for their abilities, in this case our world(At least Russia would become better)
Maybe, something will change, but now we are not ready.

P.S. If you are interested in communism, you can read a novel "Andromeda: A Space-Age Tale" by Efremov, there is a world communism(Trotsky would be happy :) ), which was established after a war. It's pretty interesting.
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Sun Jul 23,2017 03:59 AM

Communism killed millions of people in the 20th century. Yes, the Cold War is over, but we should still hate Communism, and now with violent Communist groups like Antifa growing, I am actually a little bit scared. Communism and socialism still continue to ruin countries and kill people as I am writing this. North Korea, a Communist country, has concentration camps to torture those who oppose the government. People are dying of starvation and disease since their hospitals and healthcare are both terrible despite them being "free." Compare that to capitalist South Korea with a booming economy. Socialist economic policies are also ruining countries, such as Venezuela, and have already ruined countries, such as Cuba, which before Castro had a great economy and great living conditions. These are only a few of the reasons why I hate Communism and why others should, too.

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