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Fri Sep 14,2018 01:39 PM

My IB coordinator is FORCING me to take a language LAL class when I should be taking a language B class. Clearly I am not capable of speaking or writing in this language at all. Do I have any rights as a student to go against this?????? (I already have English LAL they want me to take Norwegian LAL as well)

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Fri Sep 14,2018 05:57 PM

I mean you can choose not to do the IB? Your required language for IB as part of a well rounded person
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Fri Sep 14,2018 06:42 PM

Is there another language LAL the school offers that u can take? If not, then I suggest changing schools to one that does offer ur preferred language, or as @Oxib suggested, choose not to do the ib
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Fri Sep 14,2018 07:02 PM

At our school, everyone is required to do at least one language LAL. If you feel like no language LAL class fits you, as they said, why doing the IB?
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Fri Sep 14,2018 07:17 PM

you are not forced by the ib to take a language and literature. ie (im brazilian so i have to take portuguese) i take port lit HL and english lit SL. however, if it is a “rule” in your school that everyone needs to take at least one LAL then really theres nothing you can do (unless you try to say that the ib allows it etc etc but idk if they would give in)
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Sat Sep 15,2018 09:07 AM

I already have english language and literature, they’re also forcing me to take norwegian language and literature when I’m supposed to be taking norwegian B
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Sat Sep 15,2018 09:10 AM

^^Norwegian is also my third language and I am terrible at speaking and writing it

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