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Wed Sep 12,2018 02:00 AM

Hello! I'm planning on taking the Japanese SL exam in May but my teacher doesn't do a very good job of teaching it, and doesn't explain things at all. Are there any tips for studying on my own? What should I do in order to make sure I pass? thanks so much!
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Wed Sep 12,2018 08:33 AM

Try 5 minutes each day of Duolingo (iOS/Android), perhaps! It’s so important to be consistent and dedicated with it. I used it for my Spanish B SL classes over the 2 years of DP leading to our May exams and it helped me immensely in maintaining great comprehension, writing and speaking skills.
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Wed Sep 12,2018 06:15 PM

Watch anime / Japanese tv shows ... it helps a lot to be listening to the language and it helps u catch phrases and words and it’s fun. I would recommend “the seven deadly sins” on Netflix

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