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Mon Sep 3,2018 01:59 PM

I’m taking visual arts higher level and my teacher gave us a brief explanation about the DP art. I feel a bit nervous I don’t know which theme and I’m confused what should we start probably with?
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Wed Sep 5,2018 01:14 PM

Let me just say no matter what you’ll always be nervous for any DP subject. I can say that since it’s the beginning of the year most DP students will usually look at what they wanted to be in the future cause your doing a portfolio and lots of the things you will be doing the university of your dreams will see it..... so RESEARCH. You can also see your strengths and weaknesses by observational drawings one day you could do a chair and another an Apple the one your more comfortable with is what you choose. Hope this helps!
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Wed Sep 12,2018 06:15 PM

can my theme be my city

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