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Fri Aug 31,2018 05:28 PM

Hi everyone. I have been studying Russian as an A level subject for the past 3 years. This year I arrived to a new school where Russian is not offered. Is self-study that problematic if Russian is my first language? The school offers only one ab initio language course and that’s French. I don’t really want to study it, but I don’t have a choice right now.

Should I insist on doing a self study course or continue with ab initio? And do universities really pay attention to the bilingual diploma (I’m planning to apply to US or UK)?

P.S. I’m doing English A Lang and lit

Thanks in advance!
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Sat Sep 1,2018 04:58 PM

Self study isn’t problematic if it’s your first language. I have a a Korean friend who was in the same position last year, and he chose self study Korean since it wasn’t offered in our school.
If you don’t want to study French, then it’s better to go for Russian self study, since you’ve been doing that for quite a long time. Choosing a subject you’re not interested in is probably going to hurt more, even though it has a proper teacher in your school.

As for universities, taking self study is completely fine, in fact it shows personal devotion to a subject. Some universities might require a standardised English test if the primary teaching language isn’t english for your school, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem.
If you still have a question you can send me a message, I’m in the second year of IB.
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Sun Sep 2,2018 04:40 AM

Thank you so much!
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Sun Sep 16,2018 02:02 PM

If you were to do such a self study, would it mean that you drop one subject and take up the self-study or does it come in as an additional class? @maramello

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