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Sat Aug 25,2018 01:35 PM

Hello! school is right around the corner and I need to decide if history HL is for me. what topics will you learn in history HL? is there anything I need to know before starting history HL?or is it better to do SL? Please help!!!!
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Mon Aug 27,2018 09:50 AM

Difference between HL and SL history is a few more subjects, as well as an extra test at the end. As per subjects, IB asks teachers to teach certain categories, and your teacher chooses which specific example he / she wants to teach to satisfy that category. This as consequence makes that in the final IB test, the questions are often vague, such as: “explain the consequences of two conflicts / wars in the 20th century”.

If you like history / learning about the past, I recommend HL. With a good teacher, it can be lots of fun.

Hope this helped, if anyone else sees something I missed feel free to pitch in
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Mon Aug 27,2018 09:36 PM

Thank you so much!
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Wed Aug 29,2018 02:38 AM

History HL has an extra paper (paper 3). The content of all of the papers can be chosen from a bunch of choices, so check out what your school will be teaching and see if you’re interested in it!

I personally find History HL extremely engaging, and it sometimes helps in English as well since there are exam questions on how historical context is important for the book etc.

If you’re planning to do a humanities degree or any degree requiring analytical skills in university, History HL is a subject that most good universities look for! :)

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