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Tue Aug 14,2018 09:41 AM

Hello everyone, 
I am an ex IGCSE student going into IB  in September. These are my subject choices: 
• English A HL
• Arabic A SL
• Psychology HL (online)
• Biology HL
• Math SL
• Chemistry SL
my only problem with this subject choice is biology as my memory is not the very best. 
My predicament is a lot of people encourage me to do math HL and physics HL. I do enjoy both subjects however I don’t know what career choice they will lead me to. You see with my initial subjects I could get into neuroscience or biotechnology which is what I’m interested in but I’m open to other careers as well like artificial intelligence (which requires math and physics hL)  
The problem is: I don’t want to end up with a 4 in math and physics HL + I’m scared the workload will be too much + the fact that math is online will hinder my performance. By the way if I would be taking math and physics hL these are my subjects:
• Physics A HL
• Arabic A SL
• Math HL (online)
• Art HL
• English SL
• Chemistry SL
please advise me to the right choice.
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Thu Sep 6,2018 06:01 PM

You’re gonna die with Physics HL anddd Math HL
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Wed Sep 12,2018 10:18 AM

regardless of how smart you are im pretty sure youll die taking maths as an online course. it is an EXTREMELY, extremely hard subject and youll definetely need to have a good relationship with your teacher fo when you have doubts
Noni V.
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Wed Sep 12,2018 09:01 PM

@So you're trying to get the diploma?
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Sun Nov 25,2018 11:48 PM

Just checking up to see what you decided to do!
Hope you are doing well!

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