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Fri Aug 10,2018 12:14 PM

I’m entering IBY1 in fall but I have no clue as to what school supplies I should buy to be prepared for my IB lessons. Should I get notebooks to take notes? I don’t want to buy too many (unuseful) supplies. What are the primary supplies and essentials for a well-organised IB student?
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Fri Aug 10,2018 01:34 PM


- 6 notebooks (6 subjects), don’t bother with TOK as you can find the information online

- Another 6 notebooks which you will use at the end of year 1 where you will copy the notes from the other notebooks to organize them neatly

- Enough pens to last the year (keep in mind that they will miraculously disappear every so often)

- TI-84 or suitable alternative for math

- Some pencils, for sketches/math

That’s literally it.

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Mon Aug 13,2018 04:12 AM

Thank you so much! :)

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