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Fri Aug 10,2018 07:12 AM

Hi I was wondering if all languages are the same level like for example German B SL is it the same difficulty as Dutch B SL or French B SL or does it vary according to subject. Like I’m not asking the language it self but the content within the course.
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Fri Aug 10,2018 01:37 PM

You are on point— apart from the nature of languages themselves, all the ‘B SL’ languages in the IB strive to maintain the same difficulty. In addition, they all follow an equal structure in terms of the course (e.g. an oral exam and written task you must write as you approach the end of IB).
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Sat Aug 11,2018 07:27 AM

in our year it seems the german B and mandarin B students found these subjects harder than spanish B, where some also found it hard on the same level, but some found it quite striaghtforward

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