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Wed Aug 8,2018 10:52 PM

I need to submit what I’m interested in researching for my Biology IA next week, but I have absolutely no idea on what I want to do it about (I only know what I don’t want to do aka photosynthesis or anything thats boring-plant related). Do you guys know any cool, interesting topics or any website where I could explore possible topics/find inspo? tysm!!!!
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Thu Aug 9,2018 12:28 AM

Hey! I have to submit my IA tomorrow so yeah , good luck with yours. What really helped me a lot was a website called biology-ninja, it has a lot of interesting experiments . You could probably do sth related with blood pressure or vitamin C. I hope this helps :))
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Thu Aug 9,2018 04:12 AM

Dont just type in “cool fun bio experiments” think about ur day to day life.. anything can be bio. To give u some ideas, my friend tested diff salt concentrations on an apple and how its ph changes, she literally came up with that idea when she was eating an apple(with salt, which she loves) and saw that it didnt brown as fast.. u can do preservatives and their effect of the energy or calories, there are tools for that. Anythingg just think about it. I did mine on honey since i am a honey enthusiast lol :)
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Fri Aug 10,2018 01:02 PM

okkk thank you so much!! i was thinking about doing something related to bacterial growth and skin but im not sure! i had thought about salt as a method of conservation of the apple, but i didnt known if there was a way to “measure” how fast they went brown (ie if i added different concentrations of salt to different slices of apple, they would go brown at different rates, but that wouldnt give me any qualitative data to make good graphs) so i kind of gave up! but tysm anyways!!!

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