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Sat Aug 4,2018 10:32 AM

Hi everyone,
As a start I’m starting my IB Diploma year 1 after a month and I’m so stressed.. I need some helpful tips to follow in order to get high grades! Does anyone have some helpful apps? I also need the
“ tips, tricks and secrets for a successful IB student” book pdf
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Sat Aug 4,2018 06:07 PM

Don’t procrastinate
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Sat Aug 4,2018 07:28 PM

Follow the deadlines (sounds easy but it’s actually not that easy), do your homework and always read the syllabus!! You’ll do fine :)
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Thu Aug 9,2018 04:15 AM

Tbh Alwayss read from those textbooks given, after every chapter is complete revise it from the textbook there is additional information that’s very helpful and will for sure help u when u are stuck in a question, at least it helped me. And yeah do nott procrastinate. Try to get as much done during the weekends(boring I know) but if your teacher gives u hw or assignments beforehand get them done in the weekend because more will be given during the next week and u’ll have less to worry about. relax and dont have mental breakdowns like me lol by worrying too much
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Sat Aug 11,2018 02:31 PM

Don't forget about those 3 extra points!

Revise TOK as much as possible. The practice presentation is extremely hard to nail so good luck for this!

Start your extended essay immediately. Had a friend who is not passing if he hasn't caught up to the teacher's expectations.

Also, make sure you work on your CAS every single week. Can't stress this enough. Had a friend failed his IBDP1 because he didn't take it seriously. Don't lie about CAS either. Have a friend one year above who lied above one of her activities and failed the diploma due to 'Academic Dishonesty'.

Good luck and have fun though. Don't worry about what I said too much.
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Sat Aug 11,2018 03:48 PM

Thank you all
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Sat Aug 11,2018 03:49 PM

I hope that I calm down and not stress because I’m so stressful person
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Sun Sep 2,2018 02:36 AM

‘Don’t procrastinate’ sounds easy in theory but is difficult in application... Work towards time management and ORGANISE your books, homework etc efficiently so that it’s easier for you to find certain material. Make sure your notes are in order too, makes life a lot easier when it comes to revise.

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