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Sat Aug 4,2018 07:28 AM

I'm thinking of going into biochemistry or something of the sort, but I'm also interested in business. Do you think I can apply to most US universities if I take math SL instead of math HL for these two majors? How is it for UK universities as well?
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Sat Aug 4,2018 08:04 AM

Math SL for these courses is definitely appropriate. Only Math Studies might potentially hurt your application if you wanted to apply for these courses, and if you took Math HL it wouldn’t actually ‘boost’ your application. Math SL is even appropriate for studying medicine. Math HL is recommended if you are planning to study e.g. physics, or engineering. THEN Math HL will boost your application. Based on your interests, why not choose Biology, Chemistry & Business Management as your HLs?

Finally, getting a 7 in Math SL is much better than getting a 4 in Math HL on your diploma. You can get some nice college credit for it, too.
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Thu Aug 9,2018 04:25 AM

I inquired with universities regarding what they want, if u will major in biochemistry then ur hls should be bio and chemistry then ur third should be something that would remove some pressure off of u because bio and chem are rigorous. As for business keep in mind there is a lott of memorization so try to focus ur subject toward one major more and math sl is definitely better since u aren’t applying to engineering or astrostuff. Aim high but not too high so that u can do ur best

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