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Fri Aug 3,2018 08:16 AM

First of all, my classes shown in blackboard are not the ones I’m supposed to take. Second, I’m not ready to go back, I just recovered my sleep and I have no time to stress out bout anything. Third, the people in my classroom are still not my friends, and idk if I can’t handle another semester without ‘em. If anyone has any advice so I don’t freak out or panic about lack or time or IB in general, it would be really helpful. Share your thoughtssss ♥️
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Fri Aug 3,2018 08:55 PM

I’d say change your sleep schedule so you start waking up like you would when school starts and to make friends with the people in your class. IB will be more difficult if you don’t have anyone to help you when you need it the most. IB is manageable if you’re disciplined and don’t procrastinate. I still have fun, just not as much as my friends that aren’t in IB do.

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