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Fri May 6,2016 05:03 PM

I'm really bad at math so I was wondering if there is someone who is willing to give me some tutoring... Any help? I really need the diploma
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Fri May 6,2016 05:53 PM

Mee tooo :( I am really worried about it! What Im doing is I picked the book of maths sl oxford edition.. from library and I have been doing the exam-style questions due to that in past exams I had found almost the same kind of excercises...
You can do the same..
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Fri May 6,2016 07:28 PM

Oxford book is not so good
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Fri May 6,2016 07:29 PM

Check HKexcel they are former in students with online Tottering in a matter of time u will ace math
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Fri May 6,2016 08:45 PM

The best book for me is the haes mathematics. U should search for it
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Sat May 7,2016 05:04 PM

there is an YouTube channel that really helps a lot, mathsl1, check it out, it may help you
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Mon May 9,2016 01:47 PM

Khan academy is a really good website to clear concepts. SL math past paper questions are fairly simple
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Mon May 9,2016 06:26 PM

Thaaanks :)
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Thu May 19,2016 01:35 AM

I'm in IB Math SL myself, I don't mind helping out if you need it. I can do most things, but there are somethings I have trouble doing; and no, I would never charge as this would be a learning experience for me as well.

Khan Academy is great and all, but I don't like it personally.
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Wed Jun 8,2016 08:55 PM

I consider myself a good math student and a fairly decent tutor, and personally don't like Khan Academy. If anybody (preferably class of '17) wants a hand, I'd be glad to help out (of course not charging for it). We need to stick together and help where we can.
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Thu Aug 11,2016 04:33 PM

I'm actually an online tutor if you would like any details :) I'm listed as teaching up to maths GCSE but I did maths SL and do economics in university now so I hope I'd be some use!! I used to be utter crap at maths so I understand the struggle
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Mon Oct 17,2016 06:26 PM

The math sl Oxford book literally sucks and my math teacher sucks even more...
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Thu Oct 26,2017 05:33 AM

I am a math HL student and I tutor all of my SL friends so I don’t mind tutoring you for free if you would like
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Sun Nov 12,2017 09:46 AM

I am a math SL student and i have an exam from math but i am not good at functions ı am worry about ,is there anyone help me?
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Fri Apr 6,2018 03:48 PM

@I do Math HL and Further Maths and would be happy to help anyone :)

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