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Fri Jul 27,2018 06:24 PM


So this ended up on our schools website for propaganda purposes. It gives me goosebumps. ”I love the IB”. Let me know your honest opinions.
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Fri Jul 27,2018 08:08 PM

Why am I not suprised this is something people in Finland came up with lmao
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Sat Jul 28,2018 09:29 AM

My honest opinion? I like this video. There’s nothing wrong with it. We all know, as IB students, it’s protocol to bash on the IB for its rigorous program and pressure it puts on students, and hence we consider videos such as these “propaganda videos”. However, some people actually do love the IB for what it is; in the end, it actually is a great passport for preparing students for university life. CAS provides you with a great list for universities to show how much of an active community service member you are, how you have participated in MUN conferences, etc. Concepts learned in the IB syllabi come back often in the beginning phases at university. I love the IB too, for what it is. That’s my honest opinion.
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Tue Jul 31,2018 06:36 PM

@SharvinRocks ya I’m gonna have to agree with u
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Tue Jul 31,2018 08:14 PM

@life_style212 Thank you for speaking up

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