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Wed Jul 25,2018 06:45 PM

Can someone tell me whether the use of daphnia for my ESS IA would be ethical or not?

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Wed Jul 25,2018 07:54 PM

The IB does not allow investigating with animals, but you should ask to your teacher or coordinator about that respect. I would rather recommend you experiment with plants, which cause no controversy at all. I have heard of many ESS IAs on the topic of the effect of X on the growth of radish, which usually turn out to be pretty doable. Good luck!
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Thu Jul 26,2018 04:29 AM

@I don't recommend you do your IA on any animals as it is looked down upon. Additionally, most of the ESS course talks about not harming animals (or the environment for that matter), so you doing an IA on an animal will only bring your grades down. Use a plant and simulate a similar environment

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