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Tue Jul 24,2018 07:35 PM

I'm going into the IB this year and wanted to get some advice on my subject choices. These are already submitted, but I can switch them anytime. I'm interested in biology (hoping to go into med in the US) and history/literature. I've also been studying theare as long as I can remember.

I am a bit worried that my subjects don't show that I'm a serious academic student. My teachers have all said that it's great that I'm pursuing theatre and continuing language, but I feel like I might be seen in a higher regard by universities if I took something more "serious," like Chemistry. Other people have said these classes are intensive and I'll have a full plate during the IB. Any opinions/suggestions would be great. Thanks!

English A LAL HL
Biology HL
History HL

French B SL
Mathematics SL
Theatre SL
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Tue Jul 24,2018 08:23 PM

Your HL’s are not too difficult in my opinion I’m taking them and French B is easy if you understand a little bit of French
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Wed Jul 25,2018 07:59 PM

As I see it, Chemistry is a really necessary subject to study Medicine. I would drop History to SL and take Chemistry HL instead of Theatre SL. I’m sure that if you love theatre you will be able to do it as an extracurricular activity. Besides, being practical, Language and Literature are not so relevant to your degree, not as much as Mathematics at least. Maybe you should considering swapping their levels (Mathematics at HL and English LAL at SL). My recommendation for Medicine is definitely: Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry at HL, and History, English LaL and French B at SL. It might scary to see those three HLs together, but they are perfectly doable!
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Thu Jul 26,2018 10:56 AM

I really feel like if you’re passionate about the subject, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you’re even considering medicine, you should definitely take Chemistry. Like Dav said, drop Theater and replace it with Chem. You can always do it as an ECA. I take Chemistry and I feel like if you’re interested in it, it isn’t difficult. History HL is really intense, maybe taking Chem HL (still a rigorous subject) and dropping History to SL would be better. Again, as long as you are passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll be fine!
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Thu Aug 9,2018 04:29 AM

Medicine requires chem and bio at an hl and english at hl too for communication purposes math isn’t AS important but still crucial so keep it as an SL then u can doo french and theatre at sl or swap theatre with history and do it as extra curricular as dav had said! It will look sooo much better for ur college app. Remember MED is highly competitive

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