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Tue Jul 24,2018 04:45 AM

HL: bio, chem, econ
SL: eng A, chinese B, maths

hoping to do something related to medicine in the future :) still stuck between taking english and econ at HL
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Tue Jul 24,2018 11:07 AM

English hl is not required for medicine either so choose the subject you prefer!
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Tue Jul 24,2018 12:11 PM

I take both eng and Econ hl and if I could change my choices I would drop Econ to sl, but if you’re less confident with languages maybe Econ is for u
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Tue Jul 31,2018 05:28 PM

I suggest doing chinese B at HL and dropping Econ to SL if u’re confident in Chinese. Would make life so much easier

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