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Tue Jul 24,2018 04:45 AM

HL: bio, chem, econ
SL: eng A, chinese B, maths

hoping to do something related to medicine in the future :) still stuck between taking english and econ at HL
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Tue Jul 24,2018 11:07 AM

English hl is not required for medicine either so choose the subject you prefer!
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Tue Jul 24,2018 12:11 PM

I take both eng and Econ hl and if I could change my choices I would drop Econ to sl, but if you’re less confident with languages maybe Econ is for u
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Tue Jul 31,2018 05:28 PM

I suggest doing chinese B at HL and dropping Econ to SL if u’re confident in Chinese. Would make life so much easier
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Sun Nov 25,2018 11:44 PM

Hi there!

I believe selecting courses in which you love!
In order for you to do well in the IBDP you must study a lot! I know it sounds scary but if you like what you are learning you will succeed. I as well want to go into medicine and sadly my school doesn't offer a wide array of options. If yours does, go for what you want. Going into medicine does not force you to be in a certain group per se. You may come from any undergraduate degree with the medical school pre-requisites and get in. If you love chem (a bunch of math) and bio (memorization is key) do it at hl! If you also like english do it at hl as well (deep understanding)!
Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!
- Kylie :)

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