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Mon Jul 23,2018 08:22 AM

hey everyone! so i’m going to start ib next year and i live in hk, my other HLs are bio + chem as i plan to do something in regards to medicine in uni (hopefully)

i’m better at english compared to chinese but as i do live in hk, i’m unsure of whether taking chinese b at standard would look bad on applications.

any help/comments would be great, thanks!
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Mon Jul 23,2018 08:46 PM

Hey I have the exact same situation, only that it’s French B and English A.
I took French B Chem Bio HL.
The reason why I did that is because English A HL is way too hard for me.
And to answer your question- if you are applying for medicine chemistry and bio are preferred. Some say math HL and physics SL/HL can help.
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Tue Jul 31,2018 05:30 PM

I say chinese B hL :) I am doing the same subject combo with the same aspiration and Chinese B made my life so much easier. English is quite difficult to score tbh and most unis are ok with chinese B (do check tho)

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