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Sat Jul 21,2018 06:42 AM

Hey guys, I wanted to ask whether the subjects I have chosen for IBDP would be useful and helpful for studying law in the university. The subjects I have right now are:

HL Bio
HL Chemistry
HL Economics

SL Math (Standard level)
SL English A Lang&Lit
SL Russian A Literature

What do you recommend to change? Or is everything alright?
I’m still quite unsure what do I want to do in future, but law is the likeliest choice.

Thanks a lot
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Sat Jul 21,2018 08:04 AM

I don’t recommend getting Chem HL, for law is completely useless, complicated and a Waste of time
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Sat Jul 21,2018 10:17 AM

@I am taking very similar courses. Don't hesitate, this is what suggested in our school. Only course you are missing is history. One of the sciences seems unnecessary.
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Sun Jul 22,2018 06:35 AM

HL Eng A, Econ, History are the most preferable option

bio n chem is kinda useless for law tho

math hl - if u wanna show ur uni tht ur highly good at quant skills if u opt not to choose history i guess
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Sun Jul 22,2018 05:02 PM

Firstly, Bio and Chem (especially chem) are very hard subjects that are completely unnecessary if you're looking to go into law in the future. Uni's don't usually specify history as a requirement like the person above stated, however it would be an advantage. That being said I would definitely make some changes in your subject choices if you're sure about perusing law in the future. Firstly the only actual requirement there may be is doing HL English. It's pretty obvious as to why and a complete necessity for a career in law. As sciences are unnecessary, I would suggest doing biology; but at SL. This is because it's much easier to score in than chem. Overall this is what I'd recommend:
HL: English A LangLit
HL: Economics
HL: History or Psychology
SL: Maths
SL: Biology
SL: Russian

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