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Mon Jul 16,2018 10:45 PM

Hey guys! How many of y'all are class of 2019! What are you looking forward to during IB this year?

Mine is to just be able to learn and tok! As well as finally finishing my EE!!!!
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Tue Jul 17,2018 09:58 AM

The phrase “Class of” (2019) refers to your year of graduation. So the Class of 2020 graduates in 2020.
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Tue Jul 17,2018 07:26 PM

I’m graduating in 2019 and my goals for year 2 are passing my assignments and my exams
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Sat Jul 21,2018 10:06 AM

My goals are finishing IB without any regrets and getting the grades that I want
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Sun Aug 12,2018 07:58 AM

@My goal is to pass this year without dying of submissions :)
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Sun Aug 12,2018 01:23 PM

@11 essays...not looking forward to it
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Tue Aug 14,2018 03:30 AM

I hope yall are doing great in the IB, i regret sometimes but oh well. Im trying as hard as I can
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Sat Oct 13,2018 05:01 PM

@The IB is kicking my rear but I'm doing my best!

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