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Sat Jul 14,2018 04:40 AM

Starting this year my school is allowing students to take IB classes without doing all of IB core (TOK, EE, CAS). I just finished my first year of IB. I’ve picked a topic for my ee but haven’t started at all and don’t really know how to start. I’ve done most of my CAS but don’t know what to do for creativity. I’ve finished the first semester of TOK where we didn’t do anything. Is it worth sticking out? I really struggled with my mental health because of IB my first year, will my next year be harder or easier? Should I just get my diploma?

Next year I’ll be taking: Bio HL, Math SL, English Lang/Lit HL, Psychology HL, and TOK.
I already passed my other 2 SL exams
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Sat Jul 14,2018 09:25 AM

Personally I would stick with core. It is a lot of work but that diploma is worth it in the end. You also get to feel that full IB experience.

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