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Tue Jul 10,2018 10:43 AM

Hi to all of you, I’m new here. This year I’m starting IB, and I’m quite afraid, some advice pls?

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Tue Jul 10,2018 12:08 PM

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I’m sure if you’ve done any sort of internet search on the topic you’ll find pretty much the same info but- to do well in the IB it’s pretty much about paying attention first of all and then time management. Everyone here will procrastinate a little, but if you can avoid that as much as you can you’ll be much more successful. Other than that- make sure to not let school take over your life. Set aside a saturday or something so that you still have to to go out with your friends or do what you enjoy.
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Sat Jul 14,2018 04:34 AM

Hi there! I'm also starting IB soon, what subjects are you taking? we might be able to help each other get through this lmao
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Mon Jul 23,2018 04:23 PM

@kiarriedo I have Spanish Hl A, English B Hl, Math Sl,Biology Hl, Chemistry Sl
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