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Sun Jul 8,2018 06:43 AM

I’ve been thinking: a lot of colleges ask for a project or service you use as an initiative in high school to show entrepreneurship, and I was thinking I could use some of my CAS work for that, like, if I develop a small company or something that helps my community, I could show it as my enterprise and that could help me in the leadership matter. Is it fair to do that or does the IB stuff should be put aside?
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Sun Jul 8,2018 07:10 AM

Of course, you’re on the right track! I do the same, several activities I’ve done for CAS such as fundraising, charity walking, free computer assistance to my community, competitions, etc. I can show to colleges that I’ve done them. This is why after IB you’ve got a great list of achievements, activities, hobbies all organized in a list to show to colleges; with hindsight, this is what has made me appreciate CAS more. Just don’t forget that you can not get paid for a CAS activity or it is invalid.

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