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Fri Jul 6,2018 03:06 PM

Hi everyone,

I am 1 mark away from having 7 in Math SL (The upper boundary for 6 is 82% and I literally got 82%). Also, I am 3 marks away from having 6 in English A Lang and Lit. People at my school don’t have any experience with re-marking, so I would like to ask you if you think it is worth it to request a re-mark.

Any advice is welcome!
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Fri Jul 6,2018 03:23 PM

maths is a hard one to re mark because the answers are either right or wrong...u could give it a go though because 1 mark is tiny. 3 marks for English is a bit farther away, but since its an essay based subject it might work out.
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Fri Jul 6,2018 06:51 PM

Don’t do English it’s to far away
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Fri Jul 6,2018 06:57 PM

I'm 3 marks away from the level 7 HL chem boundary. I was predicted a 7 and it rly sucks that I wasn't able to reach it for the exam but do you think it's worth it to send in a remark?
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Fri Jul 6,2018 09:43 PM

I sent bio and maths for remarks last year, maths grade didn’t change, but biology did change (from 6 to 7) ... it’s worth it if you are 1 mark away (but probably not maths as it usually doesn’t change)...

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