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Fri Jul 6,2018 09:10 AM

So somehow it feels like the IB classes at different places are so different. In my class, it feels like everyone really tries to be their best self (to have a job, to party/hit the club, to have a social life and also work hard at school) my teachers have literally said that our class is the most hard working and ambitious class they have ever had, yet the majority of our class actually enjoy getting wasted on the weekends. From what I have seen, our end-of-term appraisals (at the end of dp1) came out as pretty good, too. Somehow our class is also divided into groups, but in the end everyone gets along and are good friends.
How is your class? Is everyone friends with everyone? Do people party? Are people slacking, or work really hard?
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Fri Jul 6,2018 11:22 AM

In my opinion, my class is very divided and it’s clear to see the smaller groups even if you’re an outsider. Some drama that has been going on has made the group distinctions even clearer. You can still talk to pretty much everyone, but being friends with the entire class isn’t really possible (excluding a couple of people who haven’t been involved in any drama).

Some people in my class party quite a lot, and some don’t at all. This is quite a lot based also on the group that you belong to, as some groups party and some don’t.

Personally I have been surprised by how many people in my class don’t hand in assignments in time since the teachers are always reminding us of that. There are maybe 3-5 people in the class who are doing very well with their work, and as many (if not more) of the ones who slack more than what they perhaps should.

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