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Wed Jul 4,2018 11:46 AM

I think I cover the academic part because I have good grades and everything, but I do not get along with my classmates that much, just w/ the ones that seem the less IB possible lol but I love of all them I just do not match I want to but it just doesn’t happen. I like to get drunk a lot and party and dance and hook up w/everyone but none of my IB friends have ever done something like that or do not love to do it as much as I do and I just can’t fit in there with ‘em, I feel like I’ll never have fun in the IB program, what should I do?
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Thu Jul 5,2018 11:24 AM

Um if you like partying and getting wasted and all that I don’t think you’ll have fun at all with the IB and I don’t know what else I can tell you
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Fri Jul 6,2018 10:11 AM

Lol people need to relax sometimes. I pretty much believe that if you can balance partying/having fun with studying there’s no reason for you to not join IB. I recommend you to be yourself and try to not forget the joy throughout the program, because if you do, its so boring. I mean I do procastinate sometimes but with balanced study program, I still get the top results in class.
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Fri Jul 6,2018 10:16 AM

Btw my classmates are not bad lol they work really really hard

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