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Sun Jul 1,2018 04:06 AM

Hi! I have just completed grade 10 in the honours program at my school, and I’m planning on taking partial IB in the coming school year.

Do I need IB to study abroad? More specifically the UK, I tried searching online but couldn’t find a direct answer. If I do, does it have to be full IB?

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Sun Jul 1,2018 09:38 PM

@i would say you dont have to if you just want to study abroad for a semester. but if you wanted to go to college for 4 years abroad, ib would help alot. either way you can find a way just work hard
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Wed Jul 4,2018 11:39 AM

I think the IB program it’s important as long as you take the right courses and subjects, so it’s really up to you, but it doesn’t mean that the IB itself won’t give you the help you might me looking for

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