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Mon Jun 11,2018 05:50 PM

Does anyone else have summer work? I have to write an essay for TOK next year, based on "The immortal life of Henrietta lacks". I have to read "the terrorists son" for year 1 English, too.
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Tue Jun 12,2018 03:17 AM

You have no idea. I have to finish a draft of my HOTA IA, study some of the units for Bio, read the Handmaid’s Tale for english, and read a book for French. That along with a couple other essays I have to edit over the summerZ
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Tue Jun 12,2018 06:10 PM

Yessssss: Finnish WA, English WT1, bio IA, math EE, math IA and read books for Finnish and English *sigh*
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Tue Jun 12,2018 08:36 PM

I have to collect all my data for EE
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Wed Jun 13,2018 01:05 PM

I have to finish my EE, plan bio & chem IA, finish my English written task & IOP, finish Chinese written task and study for upcoming tests when school starts to prepare for my second set of predicted grades
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Mon Jun 25,2018 12:57 AM

@WT2, IOC, EE, WT1, 3 IA's...

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