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Tue Jun 5,2018 02:57 PM

Okay, so I didn’t even know retakes were a thing, but apparently they’re some time in November? Could someone please explain this all to me?
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Tue Jun 5,2018 08:03 PM

If you failed one or more exams, you can retake them in the next exam session, i.e. November or May, together with the people taking the exams normally :)
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Wed Jun 6,2018 12:48 PM

Not all countries offer November exams tho
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Tue Jun 12,2018 11:14 PM

And it’s an extra cost
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Fri Jun 22,2018 12:38 AM

Can i retake it even if I didn’t fail any exams?
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Fri Jun 29,2018 11:16 PM

@val.entine yes you can, but if you decide to retake anything you will
not get your diploma until you get your score of the exam you retook

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