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Thu May 24,2018 10:38 PM

Hey guys,
So I committed a fair chunk of time singing in a choir this year intending to get my creative hours from the experience. I’ve recently been informed that my choir instructor has been arrested for sexual assault of 5 people. I’m not sure what to do because I committed a lot of time to this choir but I don’t really feel like contacting my local prison to find my instructor to sign off on my CAS, any suggestions?
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Thu May 24,2018 11:14 PM

Ask your coordinator to be your supervisor
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Sun Jun 17,2018 05:55 PM

@Get a choir member to be the supervisor, Ive changed my supervisors before
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Sat Jun 23,2018 09:14 AM

@-_- i would say just bullshit your way through, and make anyone else sign other then your supervisor. No one checks this shit. Prioritize the imported aspects

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