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Thu May 24,2018 05:28 PM

Guys I’m currently struggling with Economics I know SL is easy but for me it is a new subject that I’m not used to so how can I get 7 and how to actually study the graphs and memorise them? I would like to hear your thoughts pls thank you so much ❤️ if you replied

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Thu May 24,2018 08:43 PM

@Graphs shouldn't be memorised.

You should understand the concept behind a graph, it makes more sense that way. There's no point in drawing a S/D graph as two perpendicular lines if you don't know the theory behind those perpendicular lines.
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Tue May 29,2018 09:08 PM

Yeah precisely, you gotta understand the theory of the diagrams and think about it, no use memorising things
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Mon Jul 9,2018 08:27 AM

Since SL Econ is much less comprehensive compared to HL, I recommend you watch a guy called 'Econplusdal' on YouTube. He is IB specific and explains all of the concepts very well. Good Luck with Economics :)
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Fri Jul 20,2018 03:12 PM

How can i get my IA to be excellent? I so stuck in doing this? Help

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