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Wed May 23,2018 08:48 PM

Does anyone have good extended essay ideas. I'm interested in biology but we only have English supervisors left in our school since everyone else already took the other ones. However there is a bio teacher who may be willing to supervise two students.
I might do English if that's what's left however it is one of my weaker subjects and I do not enjoy it.
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Thu May 24,2018 07:16 PM

@Ummm English or maybe even history
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Sat Aug 4,2018 06:13 PM

Hey guys i need help on making my research Q. Its in the subject area anthropology.My topic is comparing 2 ethnographies and 2 women . Ik its broad my advsior told me to narrow it down.

i have similarities on how both women have problems with early marriages, co-wives, polygamy and parriarchy problems. Its very interesting but its just not narrowed down.

Please help much appreciated.

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