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Tue May 22,2018 11:14 PM

I've been struggling with anxiety for a few year now. Since I got into IB it got way worst. I am overwhelmed and extremely tired. Right now I just wish things could stop. I have no motivation what so ever in doing anything, graduation is no longer a motivation for me. Even worst, I left my passions behind, I don't know what I want anymore. My whole life just became this living hell called IB. I have been hurting myself too, unconsciously. My mind feels broken and I feel so empty. I know the benefits this program comes with but I just don't know anymore whether it's worth all the suffering I am going through. I really would like to hear so opinions or maybe a word of advice. Let me know your experiences with IB. I just needed to get it off my chest.
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Wed May 23,2018 02:25 AM

I just wanna tell you first it’s okay. You’ll be alright because you’ll find out that just about every one of your classmates feels this same way. I don’t exactly have any advice because I’m still struggling with working alongside IB instead of being dragged along by it. But at this point, I’ve resulted to getting a therapist because IB stresses me out to the point where I could be happy for one day, be late on one assignment and not talk for the rest of the week. A lot of people tell me that it’s easier to tel your problems to a stranger than a friend because they don’t have a platform to judge you so, I’m always free if you wanna talk! Something my dad told is if you don’t have motivation for it you won’t be able to do it because you’re not interested and this conversation resulted in him finishing my french homework for me so I could get some sleep lol! About the passions part, take this as an opportunity to look at different activités that interest you or to try new things.. I know it’s cliche but CAS encouraged me to do so many things I knew I wanted to do, I just didn’t have the guts or the right teacher to help. Not sure if this helped..but I felt like your message needed a reply :)
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Wed May 23,2018 11:37 AM

@aniahjean thank you for replying, I really needed that :)
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Wed May 23,2018 07:23 PM

I can’t really help you since I am going through the sane problem. I lost my motivation, and don’t know if the pain I am going through is worth it. I really understand you, but don’t know how to help :/
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Honestly don’t worry about it. I mean, do, it’s pretty serious, but i think most of the people are on the same boat. I’m surprised that IB does not publish suicide rates or dropout rates, because at least in my school quite a few people got diagnosed with depression in the second year of the IB. I felt the same during IB2, i was so hands were constantly shaking, I couldn’t sleep, parents were very concerned. Honestly, it won’t get better, at least not until you become aware that you’ve done the IB. The thoughts which helped me to calm myself were that there are so many people who managed to finish the IB, even scored a lot (it’s great to find IB alumni with the same subjects and levels you have), that all of my classmates are experiencing the same thing, which meant i was not alone, also, in my school we had a saying the more you do, the more work is done. Just think that you’ve been trying and working your ass off for the past 10 years and you’ve got one year left to show the IB what you can. Just do your best. IB is the place where the amount of work you do is directly proportional to the grade you get. I don’t know if this helps, but I hope it will. And if you want to talk about it, you can message me anytime!
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Everything will be be alright, don’t worry too much about it :) I started having anxiety in IBY1 and attacks in IBY2 and I can tell you that it was a hell of a time. I struggled a lot and also faced the same issues as you. But yes, what I did was to not think about school on a constant note and find hobbies to distract yourself from everything! (And you could use them as CAS hahaha) and also, find a friend who you can confide in (everything will feel much better when you share all your worries) hope this helped ya in some way and all the best :)) feel free to message me if you wanna talk about it too!

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