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Sat May 19,2018 06:29 AM

Congratulations to everyone who finished IB!!! I still got a year to go & I’m going to have my school’s end of IBDPY1 exam in a week.... any tips for the following subjects I’m taking?

Bio HL
Chem HL
Chinese B HL
Math SL
Econ SL
English Lit A SL
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Sat May 19,2018 08:49 AM

Bio: Look at the syllabus (understandings, applications,...), read the study guide and watch Alex Lee‘s videos on YouTube, they are super helpful, do past papers
Chem: Look at the syllabus, read the study guides, do past papers
Chinese: Look at the vocabulary of the topics you did in class, do past papers
Econ: Read the study guide, do past papers
Englush Lit: Look at the books you read in class, write down the themes& context& information about the author& key quotes (and relate them to a theme) for each book, also know the characters well, and finally look at past papers, and do them if you have time to do so. I also recommend putting sticky notes in your book if you think that scene/quote is important. And highlight!! (if you haven’t done so already)
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Thu May 24,2018 03:28 PM

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