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Fri May 18,2018 06:23 PM

Hi everyone, I have some troubles understanding the concept of historiography, and I know that it plays a vital part in getting grades higher than 5 in the exams. I’m in dp1 and have my mock exam in history the Wednesday after this. We’ve done some practice p2s, which I’ve done good at but I really don’t know how to include historiography (or well what it is) since my teacher hasn’t covered that at all. I try to include historians perspectives etc but when I try to look up what historiography is online I just get utterly confused. Can someone help me or should I message my teacher and ask for help? We had our last class with him today so I don’t have any class time to ask him on.
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Fri May 18,2018 08:40 PM

@Historiography is a view stated by a historian versus that of another historian. They should go against each other, and put them into your essay as evidence. Analyze the opposing views, this shows that you've considered other sides in your essay and aren't really biased. A typical historiography is Fritz Fischer vs Niall Ferguson (Germany started WW1 vs Britain started WW1)
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Mon May 21,2018 09:12 AM

@Aspen yeah I meant that everyone differs on the definition on historiography but thanks! I talked to my teacher as well and I’ve got it kinda figured out now, like I know there’s different perspectives, of course, just the term I had problems with :) but thank you!!
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Wed May 23,2018 04:51 AM

Make sure to put in your own view. So say this perspective says this, however it doesnt consider this blaa

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