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Wed May 16,2018 08:44 PM

How did you guys feel about the exams? Mine went alright I guess but I found them pretty hard compared to the last years. I’m just hoping that the grade boundaries are gonna be low
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Thu May 17,2018 02:06 AM

I think they were harder than other years, or at least very different
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Thu May 17,2018 02:23 AM

Yeah they were decent
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Thu May 17,2018 06:46 AM

I guess each year it gets harder and harder
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Thu May 17,2018 07:04 AM

I also thought most were really hard / I didn’t do as well as I hoped
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Thu May 17,2018 08:31 AM

That’s true they were much different from previous years
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Sun May 27,2018 11:59 AM

Hey guys! What were you tested on in Biology hl? I will have a mock exam tomorrow which will be a copy of it. Thank you?

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