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Thu May 5,2016 12:50 PM

Does it matter if you filled out the cover sheet wrong (not your candidate number, just the question numbers)?? My proctor wasn't very clear on what to do and it was my first exam... Should I contact someone about it?
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Thu May 5,2016 01:10 PM

I'm not sure... But better safe than sorry! I suggest you do just in case
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Thu May 5,2016 04:12 PM

Our invigilators said it doesn't really matter and won't impact your grade it's just there to make it easier for the examiner and incase anything gets lost- which isn't likely
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Wed May 18,2016 08:51 PM

Yeah, a few kids in my first exam messed it up too & our teacher said it was fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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