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Tue May 15,2018 08:51 PM

please give me ideas, I need to write reflexions before Monday ( creativity and service)
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Tue May 15,2018 09:23 PM

Left it a bit late or no? :D
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Sat May 19,2018 02:08 AM

@Creativity can include so many things, it's honestly up to your discretion and how you write out your reflection. It can include anything from sports and meditation to musical instruments and reading. The creativity aspect of CAS is where IB wants to see you as an individual and how, for lack of a better word, creative you are outside of a rigid school setting. Service is pretty vast too, it really helps if you have an organisation that you're connected to so you always have scheduled service as an option but a lot of kids in my school use tutoring as their main service due to our scheduled tutoring times. Try to limit service to family and school based though because IB likes to see you active in your community so maybe ref a football game or help to pick up rubbish in your local park or prepare meals for the homelsss. Lyn is right, it's wrong to make up the reflections but a lot of the time you do activities that qualify for CAS without noticing. Good luck!

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