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Fri May 11,2018 07:30 PM

Hey! Im going to do IBDP next year and I’m thinking of doing these subjects:

English lang. and lit. HL
History HL
Global Politics HL
Spanish ab initio SL
mathematical studies SL

Does this look like a good choice of subjects? I myself have two concerns:

1. I heard that some universities (especially in the UK) do not accept/reject/dislike students that did mathematical studies instead of math SL. Is this true? I think I want to study something like international law after ib.

2. Is Spanish ab initio too easy for me? I have had only one year of Spanish, but I did an intensive course where we had three years of Spanish in one year. Do I know too much Spanish? My future school unfortunately doesn’t have a Spanish B course...

Thanks in advance!
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Fri May 11,2018 08:16 PM

Hi, if you’re planning on majoring something related to international law, you’ve pretty much chosen the right subjects, in my opinion. It’s not the universities that have a preference on whether you take Math Studies or Math SL, it’s about your MAJOR. Since international law isn’t really related to maths, you’re totally fine with taking math studies to major in international law. But I think it could be a matter of whether you took ‘rigorous’ subjects or not. For example, a student planning on majoring international law that took the same subjects as you but took Math SL instead of studies, would have a ‘higher’ chance of getting in over you if you both applied to the same uni and major. Nevertheless, I feel like doing so would be a worthless challenge. So, just go with math studies, and it won’t averse the chance of you being admitted to a university.
To answer your second question, it’s always better to take the ab initio course than the B. The subject being ‘too easy’ for you is a good thing because you can get good grades. However, I don’t think that the IB regulations allow experienced Spanish speakers to take the ab initio. I think you’d need to clear this out with your school DP Coordinator.
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Sat May 12,2018 12:57 AM

A friend is native in english and does english b so i dont think there would be a problem with that but check with your ib coordinator
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Sat May 12,2018 05:47 PM

Thanks for the help!! I’m gonna stick to these subjects
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Mon May 14,2018 05:55 AM

History HL is very hard, try considering doing SL if you can. There is a big gap between SL and HL in terms of what u need to learn
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Fri May 18,2018 06:15 PM

^regarding that comment I just wanna say that I’ve found history HL a lot nicer and better for me so it’s all about perspective and what you like! If you really enjoy history, HL wont be a problem for you
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Fri May 18,2018 09:03 PM

Im really into history so I think it’s for me
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Sun May 20,2018 06:43 PM

Hey there! Personally, I think you should be fine with taking these courses. I would check out some universities that you’re keen on going to and looking at the prerequisite requirements for majors/programs you’re interested in. Related to the topic of universities in England- to my knowledge, it is can be difficult getting accepted with the IB diploma. However, definitely check with your IB coordinator. As for spanish, I think you should be okay, but I would double check that as well. I hope this helped, at least somewhat! Good luck!!

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