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Sun May 6,2018 01:51 PM

Hey guys! In dire need of some mid exam season motivation! Next week is going to be a week from hell, virtual high five if yours will be too..!
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Sun May 6,2018 01:54 PM

I just had a week from hell, it was SO tiring but the feeling of having it done and over is amaaazing! So maybe that‘s some motivation - just think of how awesome it will be when it‘s over and how proud you‘ll be then :)
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Mon May 7,2018 02:27 AM

Yea, think of the huge amount of relief you'll get after the exams are done. Maybe considering going on a nice trip after the exams haha
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Mon May 7,2018 09:08 AM

Think of those summer holidays that you will have after you are done with ib

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