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Fri May 4,2018 01:04 PM

Hello everyone.
I've been talking to my classmates, searching through forums and talking to people from other parts of the world, which made me realise that the majority felt like IB May 2018 Maths exams were very unfair and extremely difficult. Some people have started petitions addressing the IB, asking to lower the grade boundaries.
My question is: would there be any impact on our results whatsoever if we, as IB students, unite and sign petitions for lowering the grade boundaries?
Link to one of the petitions (please still sign even if it won't do anything):
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Fri May 4,2018 01:23 PM

The boundaries make themselves if that makes sense, so i dont see the point
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Fri May 4,2018 01:30 PM

^exactly - the boundaries are decided according to how people do, so if everyone finds an exam hard and does worse than usual, boundaries will be lower than usual - so don’t stress and stop with the petitions haha
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Fri May 4,2018 05:37 PM

Haha ib laughs about petitions. It’s graded on a bell curve every year so no chance they change it other than adjust to the curve.
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Fri May 4,2018 05:59 PM

The boundaries are according to the performance of the respective time zone, and might also go down if the papers are relatively hard, so don't sweat it

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