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Fri Apr 27,2018 08:27 PM

I’m trying to do something on Master Harold and the boys and Ernest Gaines A lesson before dying and I’ve tried coming up with some ideas to compare the 2 so far it’s racism ‘s effect on both works and the time period but idk how to come up with a good research question and I need it by tomorrow I forgot to mention it’s a English EE cat 2
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Sat Apr 28,2018 04:12 AM

Hi man, I’m sorry for the late response, but I definitely wanna try to help you. I completed my EE this month, and it was a history essay based upon a literary work (the communist manifesto), so I definitely think that I can be of assistance here. If you want to focus primarily upon the history of racism within this essay supported by these texts, you could do something like “How useful are the works “Master Harold and the Boys” and “A Lesson Before Dying” to historians studying racism throughout history?” It would probably be most beneficial to further specify a time period, and any other ideas that you may personally have.

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