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Fri Apr 27,2018 01:41 PM

So I sadly cannot do full ib diploma due to technical school classes I am taking (emt certification) but I am deciding to do everything need for the diploma but TOK and I was wondering if my schedule is okay or too hard

-EMT certification (not ib but hard and long)
-Spanish B SL
-Mathematics SL
-Biology HL
-History HL
-English HL

Is this to crazy or should I be okay?
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Fri Apr 27,2018 11:08 PM

I can personally tell you that you should definitely be okay. I’m currently a year one student on track to receive the diploma and I am taking all of these courses currently (in which I am succeeding very well), except I am in chemistry HL rather than biology and I am also taking world religions SL in addition to what you have listed here. While I don’t know anything about your EMT certification class, I’m sure that you can definitely handle the schedule that you have listed here. Additionally, if you’re not aiming for the diploma, you won’t have to complete the extended essay I assume, which will definitely lessen the work load that is placed upon you. Overall, I believe that you’ll be okay!

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