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Wed May 4,2016 04:17 AM

I was just wondering how strict your IB teachers are around the world? Mine are pretty not strict about anything especially in Bio HL and English HL. I wouldn't call my teachers lazy it just feels like they do the basics of the curriculum and then try to make the class as fun as possible by arts and crafts projects (Bio) and then things like sword fighting (English). Also in classes such as Econ sl and Spanish HL, my teachers are very lenient with handing in work late. So what are your teachers like? On a scale from not strict at all to moderately strict to extremely strict?

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Wed May 4,2016 05:06 AM

Honestly every teacher is different. At my school the bio SL, and history if the Americas teachers are the only ones I would say are moderately-severe strict. The rest of the teachers try to incoorperate was to make learning more fun, for example my French 4sl teacher for next year has students teach primary school kids French.
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Wed May 4,2016 12:06 PM

We take walks outside whenever my Chem teacher doesn't want to teach.
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Wed May 4,2016 01:57 PM

Some teachers like our english one are really lenient and a bit lazy but all my other teachers were pretty strict.
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Thu May 5,2016 04:00 AM

My English teacher doesn't care, my teacher is fun, and my math teacher is strict. It's very varied at my school
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Sat May 7,2016 12:56 AM

Our teachers are strict but they understand that we get a crazy workload and are very accommodating. But it varies for some.
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Sat May 7,2016 12:46 PM

My teachers aren't strict at all

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