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Mon Apr 23,2018 08:33 PM

So I got accepted into the IBDP (yay!) and I will enter the IB programme in autumn, so I have to choose my subjects this upcoming month and I’m facing a dilemma.
So I need to take chemistry HL (to pursue my dream careers), but I’m terribly afraid of it. That’s because I’ve always been quite mediocre in chemistry, my grades have always been 3s and 4s (in a 5 poing grading system where 5 is the best and 1 is the worst). I actually do like chemistry a whole lot but I had quite a strict teacher, so most of the class had bad or medium grades. She’s actually a good and a nice teacher, just her tests weren’t the easiest. I actually had a helping tutor in chemistry this year but my grades didn’t rise.
So right now I have two options:
First would be to take 4 HLs (and play it safe) in case I want to drop chem HL by year 2 and thus give up on my dreams...and that’d be a whole lot of extra work in IBY1 to handle 4 HLs
The second option would be to take 3 HLs (one of which would be chem) and not give myself the option to give up on (and drop) chemistry and my dreams and just work real hard and hope for the very best.
I’m torn between the two aforementioned options, so I need your opinions and advice.
Thanks in advance
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Mon Apr 23,2018 10:10 PM

Are u sure u need Chem HL to realize your dreams? Most universities are completely fine with Chem SL for chemistry related programs. Either way, Chem HL is a very hard course and the tests likely won’t get any easier. If you work really hard you can do well though. The 4 HLs sounds good because u get to try and see if Chem works for you and the beginning stuff in Chem HL is not hard and u do almost the same things in SL. But if u do decide to stick with chemistry then drop one of your other HLs because 4 HLs will get very difficult in second year.
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Tue Apr 24,2018 04:50 AM

Compared to sl chem, hl is extremely hard but tbh otherwise it’s not that bad. If you like it and you’re willing to spend time on it then go fkr it and you’ll be fine
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Wed Apr 25,2018 01:06 AM

If your teacher is good as you say she is, then i wouldn’t worry. Also do NOT hesitate to ask them for help. Especially when you take HL, if you even remotely dont understand something or are shaky on the topic, ask for more help immediately.
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Sat Apr 28,2018 01:33 PM

chem hl is hard :) especially on the calculation of acid base and the organics part... other than that, everything’s just fine. for the option in HL, nothing’s really hard.

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