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Wed Apr 11,2018 03:44 PM


On the theme of some of the posts here, I want to update you all on my situation. I couldn't bear the weight of it anymore so I told them on April the 1st so I could safely say April Fools if they over-reacted. This was also purposely done before this years ramadan because I really hate that tradition.

They kind of just started crying and referencing some apostasy thing. I can barely look into my parents eye anymore, so I have left home. It was a tough process and nothing violent came of it.

It's a weight off my shoulders and I can continue to work on IB now. I will fix relationships with my parents after IB. I suggest you all to consider renouncing if the weight is too much for you to bear. I have a clear head now and I can study in peace.
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Wed Apr 11,2018 09:31 PM

I think you took tok waaaay to far
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Thu May 24,2018 07:12 PM

Ahahhahahahhaha what the hell man. Bear what? If you don’t wanna be a Muslim, just keep it to yourself. No need to tell your parents and everybody you meet.

Btw, I definitely agree on the previous comment. If you took a 400 page course that seriously, good luck surviving life.

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