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Mon Apr 9,2018 08:59 AM


I want to do my history IA on some interesting aspect of the Meiji period in Japan. We haven't covered this or anything about Japan in history yet, so I was wondering if someone had suggestions or things I could look at?
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Tue Apr 10,2018 11:10 AM

I am doing this for my history research question is: To what extent is it true to say that the Meiji Restoration lead to a social revolution in Japan? My teacher said it is a good topic as it allows for evaluation of different perspectives and counter arguments. You could also do economic or political development or just how the Meiji restoration lead to overall modernisation in Japan but that might be too broad.
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Thu Apr 26,2018 03:10 PM

@You could look at the relationship between military in Japan and Meiji restorations.

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