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Sat Apr 7,2018 01:52 PM

okay so i have to take the lnat this autumn and just found out the average grade is 19/42. i really need to do well on this and the website says not to study but we all know that it’s probably vital to study for this.

does anyone know of good resources or tips??
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Sat Apr 7,2018 07:00 PM

Ok, get a book/guide, they really help. They explain how to do each of the sections of the test and they have practice papers. Your school or local library might have some to borrow, if you don’t want to pay for them. One thing that really helped me was Arbitio, but that was a bit pricey. If you do decide to work with this site, don’t be discouraged by your lower score, Arbitio tests are harder than the real ones. On the lnat website there are 2 past papers that you can do usually, so do those early in your preparation and then look over them again a day or 2 before the actual lnat. And lastly, every day or every other day, take an article from a newspaper like “the guardian” from the legal section and try to analyze it. For the essay part, preparation depends on which uni you are applying to. Try to find if they really care about the essay. If they do, then practice making some plans on basic issues (death penalty, drugs, etc.). You don’t need to learn facts, that’s not what they are looking for. I’m not sure if my tips are good or if they will help you, but in my first practice paper I had a 17 and in the end I got a 26 in my lnat. Good luck!

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